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Capital injection
Our platform theoretically supports all banks, and the daily capital injection limit is subject to the limit set by your bank. You can consult or check the specific limits and standards of your bank. If the limit is too low, you can adjust. For details, consult your bank.
Which banks are supported by trading account capital injection? Is there a limit on the daily limit?
Contact the platform broker, the platform broker will help investors withdraw the funds in the account
How do I withdraw funds from my trading account to my bank account?
Please rest assured that we use the top security encryption technology provided by major banks. The entire online capital injection is very fast and very secure. Your funds and account password information are all encrypted at the top level It is done under technology and will not be stolen and intercepted by hackers.
Is the online funding process safe? Will our bank account and password be leaked?
This mainly depends on the time for the investor's bank to remit. Normally, it is within 1 to 5 working days. The withdrawal is the same. The funds can reach the investor's bank account within 1 to 5 working days.
How long does it take to deposit funds into the account? How long does it take for the account withdrawal to arrive?
How should I calculate the exchange rate when I fund my account?
The exchange rate at the time of your capital injection is based on the real-time exchange rate guide price provided by the Central Settlement Bank of the country where you belong and the reference exchange rate provided by the upper and lower banks and the currency exchange after adding the exchange difference.
Do I need to convert the account funds into U.S. dollars?
Your capital injection does not require you to convert it into US dollars. We cooperate with many banks around the world. The entire capital injection process will automatically be converted according to the current market reference exchange rate.
How do I fund my account?
Investors can apply to the platform's customer service account for capital injection. The platform has a complete recharge system to ensure the safety of every investor's funds