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Ultra low transaction spread cost
After multiple banks and liquidity providers bid, the system will automatically screen the quotation with the lowest point spread and the most advantageous to investors, display it and provide transaction information
Promote the rapid development and business expansion to different markets, and provide comprehensive financial services relying on the online trading platform
Our advantages
Flexible and self setting of trading leverage
Customers can adjust the proportion of transaction margin at any time according to their own capital situation. The margin ratio of 1:100 to 1:300 times is set according to their own capital situation to facilitate risk response
STP direct transaction mode
The STP direct mode without traders is adopted, so that all customers' orders can be directly traded in the international market, providing customers with a fair trading environment
Optimal execution
When we execute the order for you, we are always committed to obtaining the best results for you
World's top it protection
Comodo, the world's top IT security service provider, provides full site protection to ensure the security of customer information accounts, and the risk compensation is up to US $1.75 million
Security isolation of transaction funds
According to regulatory regulations, your funds will be stored separately from trusted financial institutions, and the bank will provide encryption technology throughout the process to ensure the security of funds
TIES  trading software is a very excellent online trading system software, which integrates the three functions of market chart, technical analysis and order trading. It has complete functions, which is convenient to mark the market and understand the flow of market funds. 
Leveraged trading may bring huge losses or profits, and traders need high risk tolerance. Therefore, it is not suitable for all investors because you may lose all your money. Before trading, please make sure that you understand the risks and can fully bear the loss of investment failure.
Fast trading experience
We position the service response speed and extremely fast transaction experience as one of the characteristics. Therefore, we simplify the front-end account opening process and improve the account opening review rate.
In terms of injecting and withdrawing transaction funds, we connect with major banks around the world to ensure that customers around the world can inject and withdraw funds quickly
In terms of transaction experience, connect with the top mobility, set up servers around the world, increase the transaction rate to millisecond level, and bring customers an extremely fast transaction experience!


More than 22 top banks and liquidity providers


Fast order closing speed of up to 50 milliseconds


More than 47 of the world's most active mainstream trading varieties


Provide 1:100-1:300 margin leverage

There is no upper limit on trading profit
Foreign exchange, gold and other trading varieties have no price limit and circuit breaker restrictions. When the trading direction is correct, there may be no upper limit on profits
Trading advantages
Transactions are simple and flexible
Long short two-way trading, each transaction variety can buy more and sell short. There are no restrictions on T + 0 real-time trading and position building and closing
Sufficient trading time
Unlike regular stock markets closed system, foreign exchange and gold are all global over-the-counter markets, which are open for 5*24 hours.
Promote the rapid development and business expansion to different markets, and provide comprehensive financial services relying on the online trading platform
Promote rapid development and business expansion to different markets, relying on online trading platforms to provide comprehensive financial services
Rich and complete trading varieties
Foreign Exchange
The foreign exchange market is the largest international financial market in the world, with an estimated daily trading volume of more than US $5 trillion

Noble Metal
Gold and silver are the most active metal varieties in the world at present. With their unique characteristics - commodity attribute, monetary attribute and financial attribute, they have become the preferred varieties for asset preservation and investment hedging